Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Summer Trips

This Summer was full of trips for us. We visited both Newport beaches on opposite coasts of the country. In May we traveled back to see Tyler and Kathy in Arlington, Virginia, visiting Washington D.C., Williamsburg, and Jamestown. I fell in love with Williamsburg. In July we went to Newport Beach, California, with all the Hart family and also visited Disneyland with our Granddaughters and Brody and Corine. In August we traveled back to Rhode Island to see Tyler and Kathy there before they moved to San Diego. That was the first time we have ever been to Rhode Island and we decided it's one of the best kept secrets of our country. Jim went with most of the family to Lake Powell, while I stayed home for a really lame art show. Then I went on two really fun "girls only" trips to Bryce Canyon (Jim is still bemoaning not getting invited on that trip) and Disneyland/San Diego. We had fun seeing Ty and Kathy's new home. We also got to squeeze in a fun little weekend trip to Blanding, Utah to see the Anaszi Indian ruins with the Smith family siblings. We fell in love with that area too. So there's lots of subject matter to paint in the future, if I can just stay home now!

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