Monday, April 28, 2008

Temple Square Flowers

I want to move into the Lion House.

I want a job as a gardner at Temple Square. Who cares if I can't do flowers well...

The flowers are absolutely incredible!

I went on my annual photo shoot at Temple Square

Baby Whitney

The proud new parents

Cute Cousins

Mindi and Danny's new little baby Whitney Mae. She's adorable!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

April 19, 2008

Brody and Corine now play at the Conference Center once a month.

Brooke completed the Salt Lake Marathon! Here she is at the end of the race with her medal. She hardly looks like she's been through anything.

Brooke crossing the finish line at Gateway in the Salt Lake Marathon. We are so proud of her!

Jim and I caught up with her on 5oo East and got to offer some encouragement.

All her months of hard work and training finally paid off!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

The New Studentbody President of Olympus High

Heaven help us--it's Weston Smith! He is going to serve his fellow students--in 92 delicious ways!

Christmas 2007

I know this was really from Christmas 2006, but I'm posting it anyway. I want my nephew Aaron to know that our wish for him while he is away in the service is that he will be as safe as he was as Samuel the Lamanite and that whatever gets "thrown at him" won't be able to harm him! We love you Aaron, and we want you to know we are so proud of your military service in our behalf! We miss you--it's way too quiet without you!

The Nativity Scene Fashions just keep on getting better and better. Brooke has a fashion magazine she reads that has a section called "Who Wore it Best" where it compares how different movie stars looked in the same outfit. Definitely, no one has worn the shepherd outfits better than Tanner and Weston. Or were they the Wise Men?

Visiting Temple Square and waiting for it to get dark enough for the lights to come on. I think we gave up.

I'm not sure what this had to do with Christmas, but it has everything to do with poor parenting!

Queen Eliza and "My Dear Friend King Jimmy" at a Christmas recital at the Joseph Smith Building.

Makenzie got to play with her Grandma Larsen's strings students at the Joseph Smith Building.
The boy to her left is Melodie's son, Adam, Corine and Brody's nephew. He plays the cello.

This was the office party at Gardner Village. We had to make a stop at the candy store. Theoffice party is fun since Brody's family and Britt and Brooke have joined the office.

Makenzie said she asked Santa for a Barbie car and he said, "I'll see what I can do." Whatever happened to the guy who wasn't going to teach his kids about Santa? That would have been some poor parenting!

Our Famous Granddaughters

We went to get a family picture taken in January and we had some taken of the girls alone as well. Ivy was tired, so it was just of Makenzie and Eliza. The owners decided to use this pose for their advertizing and it was sent out in a mailer all over the valley. They told me they are going to use it in a photography contest.

Monday, April 7, 2008


Jake was introduced to the Easter Bunny's hard hiding places, and didn't find his basket without crying first. Welcome to the Hart's Easter traditions! He was almost killed when he tried to look on the top shelf of the game closet from all the games about to crash down on his head.

Ivy got an Easter Barbie! It's Giselle from "Enchanted." She wouldn't let anyone else touch it all night.

Who's the real Giselle and who's the pretend Giselle? No one knows! Eliza said she is the pretend Giselle and is going to marry the pretend Prince Edward, and she is OK with that. I just couldn't get an argument out of them--does it remind you of Corine and Melodie?

Brittney's Birthday

Hello everyone! Look who's back from the dead! This is Brittney teaching my mom how to blog again since it's been so long that she's forgotten. These are some pictures from my birthday. This year it fell on Easter which is the first and only time it will happen in my lifetime unless I live to be over 100 years old!

Unlike Barry, I (Brittney) am full of hot air and always blow out all my candles. Maybe it's because of the help I get from Eliza.

Jake and Brittney are moving down to Salt Lake after many months of pestering from us! Hooray!