Sunday, April 13, 2008

Christmas 2007

I know this was really from Christmas 2006, but I'm posting it anyway. I want my nephew Aaron to know that our wish for him while he is away in the service is that he will be as safe as he was as Samuel the Lamanite and that whatever gets "thrown at him" won't be able to harm him! We love you Aaron, and we want you to know we are so proud of your military service in our behalf! We miss you--it's way too quiet without you!

The Nativity Scene Fashions just keep on getting better and better. Brooke has a fashion magazine she reads that has a section called "Who Wore it Best" where it compares how different movie stars looked in the same outfit. Definitely, no one has worn the shepherd outfits better than Tanner and Weston. Or were they the Wise Men?

Visiting Temple Square and waiting for it to get dark enough for the lights to come on. I think we gave up.

I'm not sure what this had to do with Christmas, but it has everything to do with poor parenting!

Queen Eliza and "My Dear Friend King Jimmy" at a Christmas recital at the Joseph Smith Building.

Makenzie got to play with her Grandma Larsen's strings students at the Joseph Smith Building.
The boy to her left is Melodie's son, Adam, Corine and Brody's nephew. He plays the cello.

This was the office party at Gardner Village. We had to make a stop at the candy store. Theoffice party is fun since Brody's family and Britt and Brooke have joined the office.

Makenzie said she asked Santa for a Barbie car and he said, "I'll see what I can do." Whatever happened to the guy who wasn't going to teach his kids about Santa? That would have been some poor parenting!

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Mr & Mrs Hilton said...

Oh that is so sweet! A-ron wants you to know that he will leave you a comment when he gets back to base but he does want me to let you know that it meant alot to him. You guys are the best, cute pictures! Very clever!