Monday, April 7, 2008


Jake was introduced to the Easter Bunny's hard hiding places, and didn't find his basket without crying first. Welcome to the Hart's Easter traditions! He was almost killed when he tried to look on the top shelf of the game closet from all the games about to crash down on his head.

Ivy got an Easter Barbie! It's Giselle from "Enchanted." She wouldn't let anyone else touch it all night.

Who's the real Giselle and who's the pretend Giselle? No one knows! Eliza said she is the pretend Giselle and is going to marry the pretend Prince Edward, and she is OK with that. I just couldn't get an argument out of them--does it remind you of Corine and Melodie?


Mr & Mrs Hilton said...

I was so excited to see that you updated! Lots of fun pictures!

Mr & Mrs Hilton said...

Good job Brittney!