Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Meeting our Missionaries

The outgoing Mission President and wife, President and Sister Toledo welcoming us to the mission office. They have done an excellent job in keeping our mission on top.

Getting to meet our office elders--Elder Nachtigall, Elder Mitchell, Elder Quindara, President and Sister Toledo, us, Elder De Ararujo, and Elder Hillman. We have learned to love these five elders more than we can express! They are my five body guards when we travel. Jim calls the three secretaries the Three Nephites, because they have rescued us so many times now.

We had three conferences the week after we arrived to get to know the missionaries and introduce ourselves.

Our sisters are the best in the church! We thought we only had eight, but we have seventeen!

We feel so blessed to have such awesome missionaries to work with--134 in all!

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