Friday, July 15, 2011

Mission Presidents Seminar MTC June 22-26 2011

Here we are as new missionaries in class. The semianr was one of the choicest learning experiences of our lives. We were taught by President Monson and nearly all of the Council of the Twelve.

These are the new mission presidents going to Brazil.

We sat next to Sister Tanner (former General YW President) and Sister Wixom (current General Primary President).

The traditional map picture. We're just like every other missionary.

We snuck home a few nights to be with our family for a few last dinners together. This is taken at Little America Coffee Shop, one of our standard places to go.

This is our first day at the MTC. We're just as scared as any other new missionary!


Kathy said...

I'm glad you're posting!! It's fun to see some pictures. Is that dinner at Little America?? I'm jealous!

Brittney and Jake said...

These pictures are great, Mom! I'm impressed you've figured this out. I hope we can figure out why it's not letting you post any words.