Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Our First P-Day Outing to the Pelourinho

Here we are at the Pelourinho. We dressed up for the occasion.

This is the old part of Salvador where the Portuguese brought in the African slaves. The architecture is very European.

This is the elevator that connects the lower part of the city to the upper part. It costs fifteen cents to ride on it. All of the office elders wanted to come with us on this trip. One of them said, "I like when we travel together. It feels like we're a family."

We're about to get on the elevator to see the lower city.

This church is all gold plated.

We are listening to the most famous percusssion band in Brazil. It's made up of kids and Michael Jackson recorded his song "They Don't Care About Us" with this group right here in Salvador. You can watch the music video on Youtube. The kids are amazingly good.

This was our lunch spot. Ambience right?

Another picture of the percussion band.

This is MY plate. Can you believe it? I actually really like the food here! It's a mission miracle.

The restaurant was up on the second floor of an old building.

Here is another example of the old European style buildings.

An example of the traditional Bahian dress.

The lighthouse where the slaves were brought in. Me and my five body guards.


Brittney and Jake said...

Mom, good job on your blog! It looks great and it's SO fun to see your pictures. I can't wait to meet all those cute missionaries! I put your blog address on facebook for friends and family to see. Keep updating often so we can keep track of all your adventures!

Kari said...

Laurel it looks like you are having a wonderful experience. I love all of the pictures.

Elaine said...

I love your blog. Good Luck with all your bodyguards. We also love your letters. Keep them coming.

Jenny Hart Turk said...

Yay Laurel! I'm sooooo glad that you are going to update your blog while in Brazil! I love reading/hearing about everything that is going on with you guys. It was cool to Skype with you down in Newport Beach. We all (esp britt & jake) missed you guys down there. Hope all is well in Brazil :)