Saturday, July 28, 2012

Church's Worldwide Helping Hands Day July 28 2012

The day was beautiful and even sort of cool. Perfect for a service project.
We had a good turnout from our Elders.
This is more of our group.
Some of the cute girls there to help. Are those white socks, Sister Hart, or are those your legs?
More sisters from our ward.
This is one of our Elders working hard. About three seconds after I took this picture, he lost his load!
Here's the family packed in the van. "Mom, he's touching me! Mom, he's breathing my air! Make him stop looking at me!"
Our project was to donate rice and beans in pop bottle containers to needy organizations. We worked at a center for the blind.
We passed the food from our buses down two long lines and into the storage area of the kitchen. Of course we could have hauled it all in by handtrucks, but this gave everyone a chance to help.
Even the kids came to help. This is one of the bishops in our stake who wanted his young people to meet Jim. They are such cute kids.
This was at the stake center when we began. The bishops are at the front of the lines with their ward
volunteers lined up behind them.
Here is the newly stocked kitchen pantry. There's another row of bottles behind each of these.
President Hart inspecting the missionaries work.  They were pretty proud. 
More of the kids who were there.
This cute lady was a volunteer at the blind center. She talked a blue streak to me--and I didn't understand a single word. My favorite phrase is "Mais Devagar", which means "slow down."


Brittney and Jake said...

Nice "white socks" mom! That looks like a fun service project.

Elaine said...

It looks like a great project.