Friday, July 27, 2012

Sisters' P-Day at the Mission Home July 2012

We had a really fun day together with all of our sisters except for two who are too far away to bring in.
Jim had their full attention.
We had a little breakfast with homemade cinnamon rolls. I've sort of made a precedent now that we have to have cinnamon rolls whenever the sisters come.
We really have the best sisters in the world in our mission.
They are so darling!
We made a cute card for the sisters that couldn't be with us and sent a picture of all of us holding a sign saying "we miss you."
Everybody got a chance to write something.
The sisters are as crazy as the Elders!
These three sisters always spell trouble! They snuck into the office and rearranged the mission board to feature themselves as the assistants! They're leaving next transfer and they keep asking if they can stay and live with us in the mission home. I say yes! We'd love it!
Their little pink sign says "Assistants to Sister Hart"
Sister Whoever
This is the picture we sent to the two sisters who couldn't come. They were so sad! But Jim and I made it up to them by taking them out to dinner alone with us the next week when we visited their area.

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