Friday, July 27, 2012

Our Clever Missionaries

Innovations and deviations department: Sister Assistants. They snuck in and changed the mission board.
These cute sisters made me a tree of life plaque for my birthday. Our mission theme centers around "The fruits of our Labors and the Tree of Life.
Our two assistants--what can I say?
Elders of the Lost Ark.
This Elder's sister did these two paintings for us. 
A case of stolen identity.
Introducing us to his future companion.
A broken faucet can't stop a baptism.
This zone made their own Title of Liberty. (We really do have a Liberty Zone).
Homemade peanut butter--not sure it worked out too well.
Flying really beats a 7 hour bus ride!
If you've lost your plaque, just make yourself a new one. (paper's just fine).
Oh but be sure to cross out the other missionary's name, especially if it's a sister. The paper clip is a nice touch too.
If we serve the food, we can save some for us.
The wedding planners. Hope the bride's colors were red and white!
If we try to look as hot and thirsty as we can, President Hart will buy us a cold coconut water.

Careful with that--you could poke your eye out!
This Elder's mom is a nurse for President Monson. She sent us a vial of oil that he had consecrated. The missionaries wanted to get sick so they could get a blessing.
Can we help (baptize) you?
Somehow the assistants are always the stars.
How to fit five Elders on a sofa.

We have got to stay focused.

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