Friday, November 25, 2011

Mission Presidents Conference in São Paulo Nov. 4-6 2011

Twice a year all of the mission presidents and wives meet in Sao Paulo for a conference. We are with Elder David Evans who is the new director of the church missionary department and his wife. Elder Evans is the brother of Brittney's mission president, Peter Evans, so they suggested we take a picture for him and Brittney.

This photo is for Scott and Lori's benefit. This is a couple from their ward, the Swensons. They are serving in Southern Brazil.

This was really the highlight of the week end for us. The couple in front is Jim's mission president and his wife, George and Jeanette Oakes. They are serving as temple President and Matron of the Campinus temple here in Brazil. We got to have dinner with them while we were at the seminar.

The four men in the back are former missionaries from Jim's mission. The second one from the right is Gordon Hall who is a current mission president in Talmage's old mission. He and his wife Janis are close friend of ours, so it has been fun to be in contact with them.

The conference was held in a very fancy hotel and it was already decorated for Christmas on the first weekend in November. It's pretty interesting that the Oakes have had fourteen of their former missionaries called as mission presidents. Not too many men Jim's age still have their mission president living. President Oakes was only 35 when he was called as a mission president, so he was not all that much older than his missionaries. He and his wife are both converts to the church and have now served four times in Brazil in various capacities. Jim will be forever thankful for their influence on his life.

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