Friday, November 25, 2011

The Road to Eternity Nov. 19, 2011

We got invited to attend a really nice ward activity that was about eternal marriage and families. The ward members had invited 20 nonmember couples to come to the ward for dinner (I think they had about 11 who came) and a program about families. Jim was the main speaker. He spoke about our church's teachings on the family and our position on the nature of God being our literal father. He gave quite a gutsy talk to people who were not members of our church. After he finished there was dead silence. Then suddenly the room burst into loud applause. It was pretty funny.

The ward members had really decorated the chapel. They had set up tables and used pretty table and chair covers. They even had these cute little favors they gave to everyone after the dinner.

This is the Bishop of the ward and his wife and family. He is very young. We were so impressed with the missionary work they are doing in their ward.

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