Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving in Brazil

We invited all of the office staff over for Thanksgiving dinner and really had a fun day with them. I think they were excited to get to celebrate Thanksgiving. Jim and I were glad to have some company so we didn't feel too homesick. It was an interesting experience to cook the whole dinner by myself. It took two full days. Some of the things I couldn't find were cranberry sauce, celery for stuffing, French's onion rings for the bean casserole, cooking bags turkey size, whipping cream, and yams. But we did OK otherwise and it did seem like Thanksgiving.

Making the pies was an interesting experience. There is no canned pumpkin here so I had to make the pumpkin pie starting from a pumpkin. That was an ordeal but it turned out really good. I also made cocoanut cream and apple pie.

My centerpiece was simple but looked sort of like fall.

This is what the place setting looked like. And yes, I made the elders do jobs according to what little picture they had under their plate. We also told a kids version of the First Thanksgiving so the Brazilians would know what it was all about.

Here's my goofy little turkey favors. They were really cute on the web, with candy corn for the feathers, but of course, no luck finding those here.

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Brittney and Jake said...

What a pretty table! And your little turkeys were so cute! Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving.