Friday, November 25, 2011

Stake Women's Conference Nov. 19, 2011

I was invited to speak at a Stake Women's Conference on The Role of Women in the Church. It was a twenty minute talk and I decided to give it in Portuguese! (I read it, however.) I realized that all the Ensigns are online in Portuguese so I can just download a conference talk or an article and select the story or example I want to share. Then I have Jim help me learn how to read it and then we link all the examples together with a few sentences. I realized this is a way that I am able to "receive the gift of tongues" through the marvelous technology we have. I'm standing with the choir and the Stake Relief Society President (in back of the little girl in pink). It was really just as nice a women's conference as you would find in Utah.

They gave me a pink rose at the end.

There were these darling little girls in white who did a little skit about angels.

Even Utah had nothing over their centerpieces. The two sisters in back are Sister Davis and Sister Oliveira. Sister Davis has a beautiful voice and sang two solos.

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