Friday, November 25, 2011

Sisters Christmas P-Day

We had the most fun day decorating the mission home for Christmas with all of the sister missionaries helping.

Here is the whole group at the end of our P-Day with each other.

We got to have lunch together.

Here are the Three Wise Women. Two of these sisters were so excited to see my nativity set because they said their moms have the same one. It made them homesick.

Some of the sisters took naps.

Some were excited to play the Christmas music I brought down.

Some of the sisters made up a funny Christmas song about our mission. They performed it for us.

With what limited resources I had to work with my table turned out pretty festive!

Is that President Hart wrapping the gifts? He was a good helper.

I gave the sisters these little kleenex holders I made out of some sister missionary fabric I brought down.

They turned out cute and I put a little poem with them.

I'm glad I ended up sending a sewing machine down.

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